A Revolution in Health Care: Liberty Direct Primary Care, Making Health Care More Accessible Than Ever

Liberty Direct Primary Care is pioneering a new model of health care in Ohio, offering easily accessible, cost-effective health services without the need for insurance. The traditional health care model can be overwhelming, confusing, and costly, and we’re here to change that. At Liberty Direct Primary Care, we’re making health care simple, convenient, and affordable with our innovative monthly membership plan.

An Innovative Approach to Health Care

We’re proud to be the first medical practice in Ohio to implement this transformative model. No more dealing with the hassle of insurance or the uncertainty of costs. With Liberty Direct Primary Care, your essential health care needs are covered with a simple monthly subscription. We’re stepping away from the traditional insurance model and replacing it with a direct, patient-centered approach.

Simplified Health Care for Everyone

Sign up is straightforward and hassle-free. After signing up, you can schedule a visit with one of our dedicated health care providers who will take the time to understand your health concerns and provide individualized care. No matter what your needs are, whether it’s a routine check-up, managing a chronic condition, or seeking urgent care, Liberty Direct Primary Care is here to cater to your health needs.

A monthly plan with Liberty Direct Primary Care covers your necessary primary care services, including comprehensive physical exams, preventative screenings, and consultations for health concerns. We are committed to providing our members with the care they need, when they need it.

Unbeatable Affordability

Another advantage of our model is its affordability. Traditional health care often entails copays, hidden fees, and exorbitant costs for treatments and medications. With Liberty Direct Primary Care, the pricing is transparent. For a reasonable monthly fee, you have access to unlimited office visits, extended and relaxed visits with your provider, and direct contact with your provider via phone or email.

A Focus on Relationships

We believe that strong patient-provider relationships are at the heart of great health care. Our physicians take the time to build relationships with our patients, ensuring they receive personalized care tailored to their unique needs. Our model allows our medical professionals to focus on what’s most important – you, the patient.

Join the Health Care Revolution Today

Liberty Direct Primary Care is reshaping the health care landscape in Ohio, making it easier, more affordable, and more patient-friendly than ever before. We invite you to join us in this revolution. You’ll find that signing up for quality health care has never been easier or more transparent. Say goodbye to the complications of insurance and hello to personalized care that puts you at the center.

Liberty Direct Primary Care: Your partner in health.

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